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Some info about
Kundalini Yoga
as taught by Yogi Bhajan

Why do I say "as taught by Yogi Bhajan?"
Well, throughout my practice, I've encountered a number of people who've studied other approaches to Kundalini Yoga. There are Japanese schools of Kundalini, other Indian schools, and Tibetan approaches that I've heard mentioned.

Some of the content on these pages is excerpted from a discussion board I run and includes some funny reactions to this wild and whacky yoga stuff. If that bothers you, just remember yoga is supposed to help you become more flexible; in both mind and body. Meanwhile I'll remember that it's also supposed to strengthen the mind, body, and spirit, to help endure the tests of this lifetime.

I've collected a variety of yoga sets, information, and resources here for anyone interested in this practice. These aren't intended as definitive guides on the subject, but reflect my practice, training as a teacher, and encounters with other yogis. Many of these simply have turned out to be resources I've shared with interested friends.

I strongly encourage you to find and purchase some of my recommended Kundalini Yoga Books for those interested in knowing more and trying the other sets presented here.

About Kundalini Yoga

Important information before you try any of these sets:
Getting Started
(from a book called, "Self Experience," compiled and illustrated by Harijot Kaur Khalsa)

Breathing Techniques

Instructions on the Locks or "Bandis" (forthcoming)

Liberation Meditation: "Sa - Ta - Na - Ma"

Yoga Meditation Articles:
For three successive years I have opened a special workshop on achieving visions with some yoga and meditation. The majority of the presentation was condensed into three yoga meditation articles which are available to read here. (pdf)

Yoga Sets:

(New) Yoga Exercises for Headache Relief (3.36MB pdf)

Seven Part Kundalini Yoga Set
to Treat Addictions, Compulsive Behavior, and Eating Disorders
I found it in a book written by a psychologist who helped bulimic patients move beyond their eating disorder through it. I never imagined I would start sharing the set when I took notes from the book to try it out. There were no illustrations in the book, so I collected each illustrated segment from other manuals, except for the Ganesha Meditation, which I first learned at a Sat Nam Rasayan workshop when Guru Dev Singh taught it. I’m pretty sure the original book was “Kundalini Yoga Meditation: Techniques Specific for Psychiatric Disorders, Couples Therapy, and Personal Growth” (Hardcover) by David Shannahoff-Khalsa. I tried to match the typography style of other similar manuals as well. Frankly, I don’t find this collection as enjoyable as some beginners sets that include many of the exercises, and I prefer doing morning sadhana for a different variation of the last meditation segment, but this set covers a lot of techniques in a more compact form, so it may be better for beginners. My experience has been that most beginners can't get through it, however. The author later threatened me with legal action, so I've replaced the pdf link with a link to his amazon page. The book's not really a manual, though; it has more of a clinical orientation.

Opportunity and Green Energy Set
(from a book titled, "Transitions to a Heart Centered World," compiled by Dr. Gururattan Kaur Khalsa)

This set mentions "mulbhand" which means to inhale or exhale and hold the breath. Then with the breath contained or expelled, you tighten the muscles of the rectum, sex organ, and navel. Relax the muscles when you release the breath or inhale.

Subagh Kriya (for Prosperity)
(from a book called, "Self Experience," compiled and illustrated by Harijot Kaur Khalsa)

In Subagh Kriya, the word "Har" has a rolled "R" that makes the word sound somewhat like "HUD". Pronounce it like the "r" in "raisin," since it's a single "roll," not a longer one like some Spanish words. To practice, make an "O" with your lips, and maintain that open lip position as you chant the word, letting your tongue hit the back of your teeth. You can just chant the word once a second if you don't have the recording. Or you can download a simple percussion and bass version I played and recorded here. (11 minutes: 12.58MB mp3)
If you do the 15 minute version, you can continue with the mp3 as a background until it stops and then loop it or use another piece of music.

A variety of Healing Sets that I've found to be most helpful when sick. These help the immune system. There are also some tips on supporting the lower back and spine from Pilates that are never addressed in Kundalini Yoga classes. (pdf)

Guru Ram Das heals

"Ra-Ma-Da-Sa" Healing Chant Meditation
Yogi Bhajan was kept alive for years with this exceptionally powerful meditation. If there's anyone you care about who is enduring illness of any type, try this meditation for them.

A variety of sets in a single pdf file
These include one of the most common everyday sets, especially good for beginners, "Awakening the Ten Bodies;" two creativity sets, a set for the aura, and sets for the neck and shoulders.

Set to help with depression (pdf) including a lecture by Guru Singh on the subject.

One of my favorite sets is "Raising Kundalini No. 2" - an energizing "heart kriya" - that is somewhat similar to the Opportunity and Green Energy Set above. But better.

Here is what is surely the whackiest yoga set/meditation I've run across recently. It's called "Mental Exercises" and it's from Fountain of Youth. I found the layout in the manual completely confusing. It's
1 hour and 45 minutes long, done to the Rakhay Raakanhaar chant that we do at morning sadhana. That has a lotta words to it, and I found myself frequently getting confused where I was in this set, so I inserted the words into the instructions and changed the layout so it's easier to follow. I like Sat Kartar's version of this. I love the Grateful Ganesh version too, but it doesn't repeat the last line like it should.

Venus Triangle
Kriya to End Arguments for couples

"Insomnia Cure"

About Chanting


Why the BLEEP would anyone want to come to the yoga studio at 4AM?

Sadhana, pre-dawn prayer, yoga, and chanting meditation

Japji pdf including Gurmukhi script, English Pronounciation, English translation, and the effects of each stanza or "pauri."

This recording of Japji has become my favorite, by Satnam Singh Sethi. It's very difficult to find.

Another favorite recording of mine is also by him, used with many bowing yoga sets, Jaap Sahib. This can be used with the set "Sahib Parnaam" which I've been working on lately. I've added the exact times to the instructions for the set when you use this recording if you're not familiar with the Gurmukhi. Frankly, the set is a bitch unless you enjoy doing 16 minutes of pushups in triangle pose. (My solution to keeping going with the set is do continue bowing sitting on my heels until I'm ready to try again.) But it seems to be worth it. For some reason it seems to help my glandular system and energy when I'm feeling sluggish and - better yet - it knocks out my allergies when they crop up (knock on wood).

Los Angeles Kundalini Yoga Teachers' Network
aka "Kundalini Unified"

For a couple of years we have been working to build a community among the Kundalini Yoga teachers in southern California. The enthusiasm and participation of the group ebbs and flows as life's other demands require our attention. If you would like to get involved, email me.

We had a website for some time, it's archived here. Take a look to learn about us and the events we offered.

About Yogi Bhajan (forthcoming)